Friday, 20 September 2013

The Excitement is Mounting

Well, its been a long while since I last posted on this blog regarding my fibre.  For the last year I have been without a spinning wheel as my beloved Kromski Minstrel was sold to help fund my now 14 year old daughter on a school trip to Germany last November.  She thoroughly enjoyed the visit and obviously it was a great asset for her to travel to another country.  I have, however, really missed my wheel and despite being lucky enough to have several gorgeous drop spindles its not quite the same.  So today I have contacted the lovely Anne of Spinwise at and I shall be sending payment on Monday morning for a brand new Kromski Prelude wheel.  The customer service I have received from this lady was excellent.  I will definitely be using her shop again.  Okay so there is no online ordering but to be able to phone and talk to someone about the wheels, and to have the time taken to listen and answer your questions is a rarity these days, well in the UK it seems to be and I haven't found this with another Kromski stockist. 

So, all being well my new wheel will be with me on Tuesday, Wheeeeeeee!!!  I shall be posting pictures.  In the meantime here is a photograph of the carding I have been doing this afternoon, piles of gorgeous soft and fluffy Gotland fibre.
So I can see that I am going to be busy on Tuesday, building my wheel and then spinning.  I don't think I shall be getting much jewellery making done for a while. 
Of course I don't know if you will recall that I am no longer selling spinning fibres and have switched over to selling my handmade jewellery instead.  It is doing very well and you can see my items for sale at
So, spinning, weaving and knitting have now become my hobby.  I still have a good fibre stash and am going to slowly work my way through it.
In order to fund this hobby I am also selling handknitted items and handwovens at my other page on facebook better known as Wits End Fibres and why Wits End you may ask, well because Im often there folks!!

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