Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tuesday 24th May

Loads to talk about this month.  I have had a very busy time recently as I made the sad decision to sell my Glimakra Julia floor loom at the end of April.  I have been suffering with osteoarthritis for some years and it is present in my upper spine and I had found that sitting at the loom was causing me a lot of discomfort.  I regretfully put it up for sale and achieved a very good price for it and it has gone to a good home.  I have now only got an Ashford knitters loom, 12 inch with two different sized reeds to make scarves with.  This will be enough to satisfy the desire to weave my handspun yarns from time to time.

I shall continue to spin and dye my own yarns and fibres but to replace the weaving I invested the money from the loom in jewellery making items and stock.  A total difference from fibre fun, I agree but something I can do sitting down and in comfort.  I am hoping to sell the items I make alongside my yarns and fibres.  Wish me luck with my new venture.

I shall continue to post here however and keep everyone updated on my spinning and knitting.  I am currently spinning up a baby alpaca fleece which is a lovely golden brown and white.  I have decided to separate the brown and white and spin into two different yarns rather than ply the two colours together.  I was so lucky to be given this fleece along with another baby alpaca fleece in black and an adult fleece in cream which I think is a suri cross. 

Knitting is currently fingerless mittens to use up the endless supply of sock yarn I seem to have accumulated.  I am making a pair out of Opal Sock Yarn, Harry Potter,"" Tonks which is a pink, red, yellow and grey yarn.  I also have a ball of yarn in the same series (not sure if this is the correct word here) in the shade "Ron"

On a lighter note we have adopted three ex battery hens that the girls have named, Florence, Doris and Princess Peach.  They have been with us for just over a week and are settling in nicely.  Our pet angora rabbit, Rock,y loves them and thinks its wonderful to share their corn.  So far we have had four eggs!  Very tasty.

Along with our newly planted vegetables we are hoping to be quite self sufficient this year.  Bring on the Good Life!!

Happy spinning everyone.