Thursday, 6 October 2011

6th October 2011

Hi everyone, wow hasnt the weather been changeable.  It was a good opportunity to get some lovely Wensleydale fleece washed and dyed though and this is now for sale in the online shop, (link to the right). 

I love Wensleydale fibre, I think the sheep have to be one of the most amazing of their kind and it is so sad that the flocks are getting harder to find in the UK.  I find the fibre so versatile.  A lot of my customers purchase the curls to use for detail in needlefelted projects and others to spin into art yarn, the results of which are quite something to see.  Imagine, if you will, a lovely chunky yarn with little ringlets of colour hanging down throughout, a bag or other accessory made from this yarn would be a very unique item, a piece of art in itself.

Aside from these uses the curls can be carded and spun, the long, lustrious fibres make for a gorgeous knitting or weaving yarn, again some texture can be left in if desired. 

I have been busy here with hand knitting and trying to bust some of my stash.  I have been making lots of pairs of fingerless mittens.  I am selling these alongside the discounted knitting yarns I have started to retail at a local car boot sale at Sanders Garden world, near Brent Knoll in Somerset.  These car boot sales are held on a Friday morning and are in aid of the Freewheelers Motorcycle charity that transfers blood, x rays and other much needed things between hospitals free of charge.  See for more information.

The discounted yarns are also available in my online shop. If you are UK based then do contact me for prices for postage in the UK and also for pound sterling prices as everything is listed in US dollars as this is a worldwide site that the shop is on.

The next thing that came to mind is does anyone belong to a local knitting group?  I would be interested to know how many are out there as not all of them are widely advertised and I do feel that it would be good to perhaps create a list of them available as links on my website.  If anyone is interested in setting up a link swap then please do get in touch at so that I can start to compile a list of various fibre related groups and organisations. 

These can be worldwide, they dont have to just be based in the UK.  Spinners, weavers and felters would be welcome too also if you do anything unusual with fibre then again I would be very interested to hear from you.

So, thats all for now, I will hope to get some more blogging done again very soon.

Have fibre fun everyone!!