Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saturday 3rd September

The girls have now gone back to school, it was very quiet last Friday with both of them out of the house.  Personally I think it was silly for them to have gone back only for one day but I suppose those in charge of education have their reasons?!

With life returning to its usual routine I need to knuckle down and get some more things photographed and put into the Etsy shop in time for the Christmas season which will soon be upon us.  Also the end of year accounts need to be prepared and handed over to the accountant.  In addition I have dyeing to do, silk rovings need to be dyed for customers in the US. 

I have just finished spinning up approximately 120g of hand dyed Corriedale roving which has come out in a double knit thickness and I am hoping to use it to weave a scarf on my knitters loom.

I have finally finished the handwoven cotton tea towels that were the first serious project on my table loom.  Below are some photographs of the warp on the loom and the finished towels.  They were made with 8/2 cotton that was a bargain last year on ebay.  I used some of it to make the cotton scarf on the knitters loom that was shown in my last post. 

The following pictures show the warp on the loom, the work in progress and one of the finished towels.  Further details of this project can be found on my projects page at  where my user name is
Lizziejane.  I belong to several groups on Ravelry and find it a great way to meet like minded people and swap information and show off our finished projects.

On the knitting front I am making an aran weight hooded jacket for my daughter's friends baby son for Christmas, using Hayfield Bonus Aran.  I shall probably make one similar for my grand daughter in Sirdar click aran. 

I purchased a ball of Rico yarn recently, the one that makes the frilly scarves.  I got two long scarves and one shorter scarf out of the one ball.  I felt this was extremely good value and purchased another ball last week to make some more, again for presents at Christmas. 

With the evenings drawing in again it means there are more hours for knitting and spinning and also weaving since the purchase of a daylight lamp, then of course there is that cross stitch picture that needs finishing....................