Friday, 2 July 2010

Friday 2nd July

Personally I am glad the heat of the sun has abated a little. I was beginning to feel like a roast chicken, I dont think I have ever had such a good tan just from being outside in the garden, sorting fleece and walking the mad dogs on the beach.

I have managed to find a little time this week to progress with the weaving, a silk and merino scarf is almost finished on the Glimakra Julia loom, with a fine gold coloured silk warp and a hand dyed gold laceweight merino weft.  Done in a geometric pattern, its looking quite good.

The summer holidays are looming, if you will pardon the pun, and I am trying hard to get as much fibre sorted and dyed and in the shop before they start.  Not that the girls are too much trouble but I really do like to choose my own colours for dyeing, my eight year old's idea of colour is not quite the same as mine!!

Colour plays a big part in my life as I am sure it does in yours,especially with regard to the atmosphere in our homes.  The colours we choose to decorate our rooms for instance, have a big effect on whether a room is relaxing or energising.  Blue is cool and dreamy, red or orange vibrant and energetic.   So too with the clothes we wear so next time you are choosing some fibre for spinning or felting or some yarn for knitting or weaving or simply designing a project, give consideration to the colours you will be using and how this will affect your moods when wearing the finished article or if it is to be soft furnishings, where in the house it will be placed.  If you choose a lovely calming blue or green then will those gloves or mittens or even socks be a warm choice for the winter months or would you rather wrap your fingers and toes in some warm colours, deep browns, reds, oranges.

Again if you are making a shawl, will this be a lightweight shawl for the summer evenings and need to be a calming colour, pastel shades perhaps to go with the balmy mood of a summers night or if it is a winter shawl and to be in thicker yarn, then some deeper shades will be better.

There is such a lot to consider and if you manage to get all these things into place at the time of design then the finished article will give you so much more pleasure.

Right, more later fibre fans, the mad dogs are now demanding their daily exercise.