Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday 28th March 2010

Hi, good to meet you if you are reading this.  My name is Liz and I am 47 years of age and an avid fibre fan.

I have been spinning and weaving for approximately six years now.  I run a small business selling hand dyed fibres, handwoven and handknitted accessories.  The name of my business is Pure Inspiration and you can find my website and link to my etsy shop at

I am currently selling some of my handwoven items at Air Gallery in High Street, Well, Somerset.  Its been open for about four months now, so fingers crossed for the owners it works out well in these difficult times.

The rest of my items are for sale at my etsy shop

The latest batch of hand dyed fibres will be available to view at the end of May. 

To tell you a little about myself and our family.  I am a widow and have four daughters, two of whom still live at home with me, the other two are grown and flown and one is married and expecting her first baby in September so I am very excited about becoming a granny.  Obviously little one will benefit from lots of hand knitted goodies.

We live very close to the sea in Somerset and share our home with two dogs, Jazz and Max, five cats, Splodge, Topaz, Amythest, Periodt, and Rupert, four birds, Bill, Ted, Snowy and Lily, two guinea pigs,  Rose and Bramble, an angora rabbit called Rocky and two african snails, Daisy and Onslow, a hamster called biscuit and two gerbils whose names escape me at present, they do seem to change on a regular basis!  Finally, there are also two spinning wheels, an Ashford Traditional, a Kromski Minstrel, a Louet Kombo eight shaft table loom and endless supplies of dye, fibre and yarn.  How everything fits into our little two bed house is a miracle to me!  I am sure one day everything is going to burst out and land in the road. 

Life is very hectic, chaotic and generally disorganized but we muddle through, so I hope you will enjoy following some of my thoughts, my projects and my days.