Saturday, 26 March 2011


The lovely scarf that I was so proud of crashed and burned off the loom last Thursday when I took it off and realised it had gaps in amongst the weft, sob sob.  I have thrown this problem into the UK Weavers group forum on Ravelry and received some very good advice.  It would seem that the problem was poor tension.  This occurred during warping.  Warping alone can be very complicated in that it is difficult to maintain correct tension when winding on and trying to hold the warp in one hand and wind on with the other.

Now I have been advised that to maintain good tension when warping alone I can tie some weights onto the warp and that will maintain the tension whilst I am winding on.  Now collecting milk bottles for the next project. 

If you are stuck on tips for weaving, the books are good but there is nothing like receiving help from people who have been there and made the same mistakes.  Weaving lessons are not an option for me as I dont have the money to spare to pay for them at this time in my life.  But free advice is brilliant on this group.


  1. In my experience, sometimes tencel problems can right themselves with a "hard press" using a dry iron (no steam). It was also add sheen to the scarf. I put a very lightly damp cloth on the scarf, making sure the grain is straight, and with my dry iron set of for rayon, I press down on the cloth for several second, then lift, move over a little to overlap and press down again...continuing the full length. Do both sides. Once you have done both sides, you can slide the iron down the surface of the scarf to get your shine.

  2. Thanks Holly, unfortunately I dont think in this case it will make a difference because the tension in the scarf was uneven due to the fact that when I wound and tied on the warp onto the loom it did not have the same tension all the way across which resulted in gaps between the weft shots in several places. I will however, give it a try and let you know the result.