Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Its been a hectic time since my last posting.  After getting over the 'flu and nursing sick children I decided to re-enter the world of craft fairs.

The girls are getting older now and are much better at staying with a sitter for the weekend whilst Mum takes her shop on the road.

I have just spent the weekend at a local garden centre taking part in a craft fair in aid of  FreeWheelers motorbike charity.  Free Wheelers carry blood, x rays, breast milk etc for the NHS, free of charge between hospitals in emergency situations.  Obviously this takes a lot of money to run and so much fundraising has to be undertaken. 

The charity takes its funds from the prices paid for the stall space by the craft workers. 

It was well attended and I felt very pleased and surprised that many people were so interested in my items.  I took along a selection of my hand dyed fibres, yarns and handwoven and handknitted accessories. 

I also made some useful contacts including a wood turner who is going to be producing drop spindles for me so that they can be handpainted and sold in my shop. 

The next fair is due to be held in August and I am hoping also to do another one in December this year.

I will post dates and locations nearer the time.

Below is a selection of pictures of items from my online shop, there is a link to the right of the blog.

Have fibery fun people, its almost time for small people to return from school.

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