Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saturday 6th November

Finally the carpet has been laid in the workroom and the long dreaded clearout is finished.  My table, storage unit, sofa and loom have been moved into a better place which gives me more space to work.

I am now able to see, thanks to my new, clear storage boxes, my entire stash of yarns, equipment, books, patterns etc, all those essential items for creating.  I am now a very happy fibre bunny as there is even room for my spinning wheel so I can spin in peace away from the mad dogs.

So much of my time over the last two weeks has been taken up with sorting, and putting away my equipment and yarns.  Am I alone in the fact that I just didnt realise how much yarn I had?

As  Christmas looms ever closer I am spending most of my (limited) spare time in making presents for family and friends but at least it means the stash will go down as I have promised myself that one of my New Year resolutions will be to buy less wool this year - do I hear laughter? How many times do we all say that only to fall in love with the latest addition at the yarn store?

The clock change has meant that those longer, darker evenings are more encouraging to sit by the fire and knit, I dont find the t.v.all that inspiring most of the time.

My latest projects are using up some of my stash in designing some children's knitwear to sell online and as the new Alice Starmore Aran book has just come out I am attempting to knit myself one of the cardigans in there  using 5ply Guernsey yarn.

Frangipangi yarns in Cornwall are a great supplier of this type of yarn and I do believe that Wingham wool used to supply it but am not sure if they still do.

I have just completed knitting the men's fingerless gloves from a recent issue of the Knitter magazine which was a very easy project to complete and will make another present.

Do get in touch with pictures of your projects and comments, its good talk fibre!!

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