Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday 11th June

Its been a while since my last posting but sadly my father passed away suddenly on 27th May and it was two weeks before a funeral could take place due to bank holidays and vicars holidays!  Now all has been dealt with and life can settle down again, albeit without the presence of my lovely dad.

Our trip to the Bath and West show was very nice, especially as the sun was shining down on us for the first time in three years.  The only fibre purchase I made this year was 100g of Llama fibre which I have never tried before.  It spins very well and goes a very long way.  I am spinning it unwashed but find that it has much less dust than alpaca fibre.  I shall post pictures of the finished yarn later.

I have also just finished spinning up the rainbow dyed shetland tops that I purchased a couple of weeks ago but the weaving has taken a back seat over the last two weeks so I shall have to take that up again next week.  The online shop has been stocked with lots of new hand dyed fibres so do take a look.

More later, have a good week everyone.

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