Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday 26th April

The weather here has been so lovely over the past week, and walks on the beach with the two mad dogs are very enjoyable.  Last Friday, my eldest daughter Vix and I went to the Stitch and Creative craft show at Shepton Mallet.  A very enjoyable few hours out and for the first time in three years it wasnt raining!

After acquiring some bits and pieces, mainly fabric to make number two daughter's impending baby a cot quilt and some very nice hand dyed sock yarn that couldnt be resisted I am ashamed to say, although no doubt fellow fibre enthusiasts will understand fully that no matter how large the stash there is ALWAYS ROOM FOR JUST ONE MORE SKEIN!!

The Glimakra loom is working out very well and after the initial troubles the missing parts have now arrived and I am now weaving madly to catch up with my Etsy shop and also some more items for the Somerset Arts week at the Gallery later in the year.

I have now sold the Louet Kombo loom as there simply isnt room for two looms in my workroom at the moment.  I am hoping to get the smallest back room decorated this summer and then the sofa bed can be moved into there so that when daughter comes to stay it can be used as a guest room only.  Then there will be more room in my workroom for those much needed shelves to be put up.  So at least I can get rid of the table that does take up too much room and even the old wall unit.  Still, one thing at a time, for now I have to concentrate on getting wallpaper off the walls when I get a spare five minutes!

I am currently spinning up some Angora rabbit fibre from my lovely English White Angora rabbit called Rocky and am blending it with some lovely hand dyed silk fibres in shades of blue to make a singles slubby yarn for weaving.  Pictures to follow.

On the loom at the moment another tencel and alpaca and silk scarf this time in shades of blue and pink.  Pictures to follow when I get a moment.

Whatever you are doing, have a good week.

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